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Fill your life with fragrance

My Story

As a former customer of 7 years, I truly am honored to represent this company & all it encompasses. An injury in 2005 has brought me to here & now. Degenerative Disk Disease has changed my path drastically & by 2012 I could no longer work outside the home. My family is so supportive but I needed something for me! I needed some independence back.  I joined in 2015, one of the best decisions I made. It has allowed me to work my mind, afford me some of the extra's I missed. I could work at a pace comfortable for me.  I get to share these amazing products that I am truly passionate about. I now have a purpose!  Who knew fragrance could be so powerful! My dogs are my world & when I started this journey, I knew my younger dog, Sage would be right by my side, so it made sense to let her be a part of it all. Sage plays a very important role as not only my therapy dog but a Scentsy dog too! We love to make it fun! I love my home smelling so good & I enjoy sharing with others that also love high quality fragrance & beautiful style at an affordable price!